Because Hyundai is a brand driven by better, We wanted to help them make the biggest game of the year better for those who protect our freedom and serve our country. But since they couldn't come home for the game, we brought home to them, live.
Using immersive custom-built 360-degree live-streaming pods, our troops felt like they were right there in the stadium. But the big surprise came when they noticed they weren't among normal fans in those stands—they were surrounded by their families.

To pull this off, we couldn't start filming until after kickoff. Everything was shot and edited during the game and ready to air immediately after the nail-biting final play in Over Time. 
We tapped renowned Director Peter Berg (Patriot's Day, Deepwater Horizon, Lone Survivor) to capture this story in real time.
 To create a landing page that would host all the videos. Ensuring these pages were SEO optimized to capture millions of new Hyundai buyers.
The Results
300% Traffic increase to
230% - Generated leads

The Awards
2018 Graphis Annual Gold for Film
2018 OC ADDY Awards Best of Show 
2018 OC ADDY Gold Award Film, Video and Sound TV Advertising   
2018 OC ADDY Gold Innovative Use of Interactive Technology
2018 OC ADDY Gold Best User Experience
2018 Unruly EQ Score 1st place Most Effective Super Bowl LI commercial 
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