Well hello there gorgeous! 
I'm Andres, and my goal in life is to make things that make people happy. 
I'm a Creative Director, who can do all sorts of fun things, like coming up with campaign ideas ( and good one too!) , Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and more recently Product Design.  
I've been in the U.S for the past 3 years and it's been great. Having worked on the Hyundai account for 2 years gave me the chance to be part of two massive Super Bowl Campaign, one of them winning "Best Super Bowl Commercial" in 2018. 
Over the years I've had the incredible  privilege to work for some of the largest  (and smallest!) design studios, advertising agencies and media  companies in the world.
This experience has given me incredible insight to successfully tackle projects of any size.
Initially a Print based designer, in 2008 I pivoted towards screen based experiences. Diving right into all things Digital. Going well beyond Visual Design solutions and working closely with Engineers, Data Scientist, Analytics. Picking up a few tricks along the way on SEO, SEM. 
These past few years have seen me hone my skills in Agile Methodologies by working for a Startup called Ride by Kelley Blue Book, and online tech magazine specializing in the Automotive Industry.
However, it's big ideas and flawless executions that still make my heart pump. 
I  still want nothing more than to capture the audience's imagination, through content-led solutions  that deliver loads of engagement and awareness to my clients through a multitude of innovative touch points. 
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