The Daily Telegraph - Sydney’s iconic Number 1 Newspaper, partnered up with Australia’s largest Zoo, to deliver its most innovative project to date .


The Taronga Wild Bunch Collection was a 7 day collectible partnership between Taronga Zoo and the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.


We came up with the thought of bringing the most prominent animals at the zoo to life at home.
This included the 7 most endangered animals featured at Taronga Zoo, in paper form. kids of all ages would collect them and scan them with their phones just to watch them come to life, via augmented reality in the Wild Bunch app.


After coming up with the concept and the visual tone for the campaign we hired the team at Frame Set Match  to help animate the realistic paper-like world of these animals  for the TVC ad and the campaign assets.


I created  all the wireframes, user journeys and visual design for this application  and well as contracted Sydney Interactive for the back-end work for this amazing app.


The Results:  with only 2 weeks promotion, this small app was downloaded by over 12,000 unique users - smashing the projected 2,000 user number.


I was charged with the entire Creative Direction  of all elements including the Print Ad, POS, TVC and Visual Design of the app itself. Guiding the Designers, Developers and Copywriters alike in bringing to life this vision.

TARONGA 'WILD BUNCH' Collection & App


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