This is more of a vent, than a useful post.  But bear with me.


When you're traveling have you ever felt that you're missing the little everyday things you took for granted?  A favorite coffee shop, your trusted barber, your local gym- well, when you move countries and you're running your own creative freelance business  consider that feeling multiplied 10x (sadface emoji goes here) .


Not only will you have to adjust your expectations as to the level of customer service being offered to you (no more cheeky flirting with the paper suppliers) but there's also the little nuances that you took for granted on your finished products.


Surprisingly in the U.S there are still loads of print products being used, much more so than in Australia. As in (people are still printing out brochures, sending out packages with ‘with compliments' printed on them and my biggest shock yet, handing out business cards, business cards! -  weird right)


But as they say, "When in Rome...make lemonade! or something like that”.  So as I embark on creating my suite of collateral for my business I'm finding that not only the sizes are completely different, but that the print based jargon I took for granted is not commonly understood here in the US.


For a country that prides itself on being the greatest at everything, it came as a complete shock that I’d be having to show a printer, for the first time what Cello Glazing means.


Australia, NZ and the UK have the highest standards when it comes to printing processes and I'm finding this out the hard way.  Good luck finding a letterpress machine in Orange County - said one of these said suppliers.


Anyway - I'm hoping that this is a case of me searching in the wrong spots and hopefully I can tap in to some good suppliers.  If so, I’ll share here on my blog and on my LinkedIn page.

Finding third party suppliers in a different country

15. JUNE 2016


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